Nominating Committee Announces Slate of Candidates for 2014-2015 Election

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 4:40 PM | Ed Murphy (Administrator)

Election for 2014-2015 Chapter Officers and Directors

The administration of the Erie-Niagara Chapter, NYSSPE is vested in a 13 member Board of Directors consisting of 6 Officers (President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Secretary), 6 Directors, and the Immediate Past President.  The Officers are elected annually for one year terms while Directors are elected for three year staggered terms with two being elected each year.

Ballots are being sent to the membership in the March newsletter.  Return them as indicated by April 30th.  The results will be reported at the May 6th Board meeting by the Chapter Secretary, Kevin Madoo, P.E. 

The nominees are:

President:    Edward M. Murphy, P.E.

First Vice President:   Mark S. Adams, P.E.

Second Vice President:   Lawrence D. Zamojski, P.E.

Secretary:   Kevin M. Madoo, P.E.

Treasurer:   Peter T. vom Scheidt, P.E.

Membership Secretary:  Anthony J. Dell’Isola, P.E.

Director:    Eustace A. Mendez, P.E. (term ending 2017)

Director:    James R. Walsh, P.E. (term ending 2017)

Director:     Mark L. Bajorek, P.E. (balance of term ending 2016)                                                

The Directors whose terms are continuing are:

Director:   Edward R. Gerecke, Jr., P.E. (term ending 2015)

Director:   Przyemyslaw Kobialka, P.E. (term ending 2015)

Director:  Joseph F. Kessler, P.E. (term ending 2016)

The thirteenth member of the Board is the Immediate Past President, Edward G. Szpala, P.E.

2014 Nominating Committee

William Klepser, P.E., Chair

William Schutt, P.E.

Dolores Funke, P.E

Edward Szpala, P.E.

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